If you're looking for a 2-post car lift that has the industry's best warranty, look no further than the AMGO OHX-10H 10. This lift has a five-year structure warranty, a three-year hydraulics warranty, and a two-year electrical component warranty. What's more, Mechanic Superstore CRM features superior parts such as self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders, bronze bushings, and NOK seals.

OHX-10H 10

The AMGO OHX-10H 10 2 Post car lift comes with an industry-leading warranty, backed by five-year structural and hydraulic components and a two-year warranty on electrical and electronic components. AMGO also uses superior parts, such as bronze bushings and NOK seals, to ensure a high level of reliability. AMGO is committed to quality and will support its products with free technical support.

The OHX-10H 10 2 post car-lift features asymmetric, telescoping arms, and a clear floor. The telescoping arms make it easy to locate the proper lift points on the car. The height requirement is more than 13 feet, and the vehicle lift range is 78 3/4" to 87 3/4". The AMGO OHX-10H is equipped with dual direct drive hydraulic cylinders and an auto shut-down feature.


AMGO BP-9X 2 post carlifts have an industry leading warranty. The warranty covers the structure, hydraulics, and electrical components. This model includes a base extension kit to make it easier to lift vehicles with lower ceilings. It is also equipped with a symmetrical arm design for easy lifting and lowering.

This is a base plate 2 post car lift that can lift 9,000 lbs. This lift is ideal for home and professional garages with low ceilings. The symmetrical lifting arms have an automatic arm restraint and a single point release switch. This lift has an excellent lift range of 76 3/8'' to 85 3/8''. It also has an aircraft grade synchronization cable.

Another great two-post car lift is the Atlas OH-10X. This unit is wider and taller than most two-post models. It uses high-quality components and offers a 10,000-lb capacity.


AMGO's OHX-10H 10 2-post car lift features a clear floor design and 10,000-pound lift capacity. This lift has telescoping Super Asymmetric lift arms to make it easy to lift and lower your car to the perfect position. This lift requires a ceiling height of at least thirteen feet, and has a 78 3/4 to 87-inch lift range. It is built with dual direct-drive hydraulic cylinders and an auto shut-down feature.

The OHX-10H features asymmetric and symmetric arm configurations for increased safety and adjustability. This lift also comes with a safety shut-down device and a top beam that's adjustable for a more customized fit. OHX-10H lifts are available in a range of sizes and can be purchased in packages with different features.


The AMGO(r) OHX-10H 10 2 post car lift system is a durable lift system with a ten-ton capacity. It features a clear floor design, telescoping Super Asymmetric lift arms, and an adjustable height range from 78 3/4 to 87 3/4 inches. The lift has dual direct-drive hydraulic cylinders and an auto shut-down feature.