Incorporating diversity into your sports marketing campaign is more than just a buzzword. Inclusion must be the primary focus of the brand. Without it, the brand will be in danger of alienating large segments of the audience due to unconscious bias and unclear priorities to Social Cali Digital Marketing Agency San Diego Digital Marketing Agency. By focusing on inclusion and cultural celebration, you can grow your brand’s audience, and be ethical at the same time.

Nike’s #BETRUE campaign

Today, sports marketing must be inclusive or risk alienating a large part of the target audience. Unconscious bias and unclear priorities can polarize the audience. Moreover, if brands want to expand their market share, they need to focus on inclusion and cultural celebration. Inclusive marketing is not only ethical, but also an excellent way to reach a broader audience.

One of the ways to make sure the industry remains inclusive is to include more people of color. Having diverse staff will help improve the company’s image in the marketplace. It will also help improve employee relations. For example, the San Diego AMA has established a committee to promote diversity and inclusion. The committee also created a mission statement and diversity plan.

Another great example of an inclusive campaign is Nike’s ‘Be True’ initiative. The initiative celebrated Amazon Mother Leidonado, a famous Amazon model and member of the LBGTQ+ community. It was also an opportunity to showcase the company’s marketing brand values. Including real people who align with the brand’s values, it makes campaigns more inclusive and authentic.

The diversity and inclusion conference included panels about Title IX, transgender athletes, and attracting women’s sports audiences. Organizers also introduced a mentorship program, pairing students with industry professionals who can offer guidance. Moreover, a networking lunch for women has become a tradition of the conference.

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